A little bit of financial disclosure!


Since l said this blog was going to be a little bit about everything, l figured it was a good time to tell a little bit about my  situation. I have been reading a lot of financial blogs and now l know the net worths of most of the bloggers. I am not yet at that point. I don’t know if l will ever be. It’s not like it’s a huge amount of money, just my preference. I think it makes sense if you are trying to teach people to do things the way you are. I, however am not saying my way is good or bad, just the way l do it. Truthfully, the decision to stop working (I can’t bring myself to call it retirement yet, because who knows if l will ever get the urge to go back to work) was not based on how much l had accumulated and could withdraw safely. It was based on a rough calculation of how much money l have till l can collect early social security, which would be enough for us to live on. My situation is different because there are no kids involved in the equation. No saving for college, braces, and all that good stuff. This was planned from the get go. I consider myself selfish and would rather spend the money on myself and my family. The cool aunt is the role that fits me well. 

I have contributed to my 401k for many years, thanks to an old man l used to work with, but that’s a story for another day. I would always fluctuate between 10-15% savings, but most years l maxed out. I would rebalance my portfolio every couple of years or so. As you know, this year has been a good one for just about everyone, me included. Here is what my portfolio consisted of:

Moderate Growth 5%

Aggressive Growth 33%

Growth 15% (I’ll call it puny growth)

Large Cap 15%

International Equity 25%

Company Stock 7%

It was a 39.2% gain for the year.My dividends and interest for the year doubled 2012’s and came in at $119,846.93. The funny part is l only contributed $5,003 towards the 401k plan as l left in the beginning of the year. Last year l contributed $13,755.56 total, the dividend and interest was $52,017.00. I had rebalanced my portfolio last year, moving more into the aggressive fund from my company stock. Looking back, had l left it, l would have a slightly bigger gain because that stock was on fire!!!! I’m not greedy though..just happy. I left my 401k with my old company. Why? it suits me just fine right now. The dividends are reinvested. I like my positions. I know at my age (49), it is not recommended to have that much in aggressive stocks, but hey..in for a penny, in for a pound. After seeing how low the portfolio got back in 2008/2009, nothing scares me now. I will leave it as is until l feel able to do better.

One thing l am thinking about now is Roth IRA. I never bothered with it as l did not qualify, but thanks to blogs like http://rootofgood.com and http://1500days.com l realize that l can start one for me, and my husband could have had one for years! yikes! Better late than never..right..right?

And how was your net worth for the past year? Are you sitting on the upward trajectory arrow with me?


About kemkem

Married with no kids. Retired early, so now l can concentrate on my love for travel and taking time to smell the roses.
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4 Responses to A little bit of financial disclosure!

  1. Cash Rebel says:

    Well it sounds like you’re in a rather unique position, waiting until social security. But either way, having built up enough assets so that you earned over $100,000 in interest is no small feat. Nice job!

    • kemkem says:

      Thanks Cash Rebel for your visit and comment. I know last year won’t repeat itself. It was too good, but hopefully will still be a good one for all of us. I enjoy your blog very much.

  2. I think everyone’s situation is unique. There is no cookie-cutter amount for everyone because of all the varying lifestyles. I’m focusing a lot more on net worth these days and using that as a tool to stay on track TODAY! That’s the goal anyway. 🙂

  3. kemkem says:

    Hi Tonya, thanks for stopping by and commenting. It just showed up today, not sure why. I agree with you. It’s good to stay on track. Makes it all easier to figure out where you’re going!!!!

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